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W&H AMV 2170

CRN Number: 54057

Match Code: S01

Model Year: 1982

fully revised 2009, 4 colour tailend printer, 4 unwinds,220tubes per min, sack widths 30-65cm, tube lengths 55-131cm

W&H Sack Line

CRN Number: 54597

Match Code: S03

Model Year: 0

W&H AMV 2170 tuber, 4 ply, 4 colour printer,W&H 2360/16 bottomer, revised 2011, 2 col bottom patch,bundling & packing, S band.

W&H AD 1500

CRN Number: 53682

Match Code: S02

Model Year: 0

Overhauled 2009, currently in production, sack lengths 57 -145cm, widths 35-74cm, bottom 7-19.5cm,

W&H AD1600

CRN Number: 49889

Match Code: S0201

Model Year: 1967

Complete with 2 valve stations, bottom capping with one colprint for each patch, only one valve station used for paper+ PE film for a double valve, tube lengths 59-150cm, tubewidths 35-74cm, bottom widths 8-21cm